Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Bern!

So, I don't have to travel for work all that often, but this week I had to go to New Bern for the Prevent Child Abuse NC Learning & Leadership Summit. The conference center was right on the water, and I got to stay in a waterfront room in the Hilton. SCORE!

Bonus: Since I usually work to support nonprofits, and not in direct service with the public, it was fantastic to hear about the amazing work PCA and their peers are doing to help kids and families in NC. What an inspiration group of people. They work so hard. And they do such hard work. I am thankful that my organization can help all of them save a little time and money! (Sorry, I've been doing the NC Center spiel for 3 days - it's on repeat in my head!)

Anyways, since I was at the conference for 2 full days, I wasn't sure where I'd get a run in. Thankfully, they had a break towards the end of the day when I hadn't signed up for any sessions, so I got to go on an exploration run. Read: I had no planned route. I just tied on my shoes and went.

New Bern is GORGEOUS. It's one of NC's oldest towns, so the architecture is fabulous, and it has some serious small-town charm. Not to mention, it has a great waterfront on the Neuse River and even a little park.

However, it is very tricky to get in a lot of miles! I did a lot of zigzagging up and down the historic district. I figure I got about 4.25 miles in or so, but I'm not sure. It was fun to just wing it - not something I usually do when I run!

We had a reception at the conference (I ate fruit! 0 points!) and then I headed out for dinner. I had some ideas, since I had literally run past every single restaurant in town. I finally settled on Captain Ratty's. With a name like that, it seemed like a great place to get oysters and shrimp. I was SO right. Local oysters were on sale for $.50 each, and a half-pound of shrimp was only 7 bucks. LOVE. I did get hit on twice, which I found to be extremely irritating. I don't see why a woman can't just have dinner at a bar and be left the F alone. When I told them I was married, they played it off like, "oooh, that's not what I meant!" Sure you didn't you redneck piece of.... Sorry. I digress.

Anyway, running is such a fun way to get to know a town. I'll be doing this anytime I
have to travel!

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