Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Usually this is more fun.

Group C officially started 4-1 intervals yesterday. Wow. That is harder. But I still did it! I was pretty drained after though. Even a little lightheaded. Maybe a nutrition problem?

Today it was pouring down rain. Even with my enthusiasm, downpours are just not something I felt like dealing with. Sprinkles, sure. Even steady rain, OK. But not downpours.

So, I put aside 30 minutes after work to do a quick couple of miles. Well, I didn't quite make it. In fact, I threw in the towel after only about a mile and a half. I know, lame. I'm not sure if it was the hard run yesterday, the increased traffic (and therefore, more mental games about how I looked while running) or the heavy lunch, but my calves were screaming, my lungs were wheezing, and I just wasn't feeling it.

But hey, that's 20 minutes of exercise I wouldn't have gotten otherwise, so it's better than nothing! I need to be careful not to get discouraged by one bad day. Everyone has them. Right?


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