Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 4 - ROCK

Another Monday morning run down! 2.25 ish in about 30 minutes. Group C is rocking it. Our pace was a lot faster, but for the most part, we kept up! It sure goes faster at a 3-1 interval.

I ran at the River on Saturday. It's beautiful down there, but gees, it it a boring run. Fields on one side, fields on the other. Straight. Windy. Less fun than I'd hoped. I might drive into bath or belhaven in the future for at least something to look at. Oh, and got chased by pit bulls - another downside to River running. Luckily, I know all about being a pack leader and gave that stupid dog my very serious "NO!!!" Plan B was to kick his head. Will avoid that path next time as that was not fun. And I'm not fast enough to just run away. Must work on that.

Looking forward to weather that is not humid or hot. October is going to be great.


Running Song of the day: Everything is Alright by Motion City Soundtrack. Excellent pace.

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  1. Dude let me know next time and I will try and go. And yeah I don't recommend the roads...bears and dogs are a problem. I will go into Bath with you :)