Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yikes gang. I am hurting after pushing it a little much this morning. I am thrilled tomorrow is a rest day. My first taste of knee pain was not so fun. Also, I think I need a better bra. I'm pretty sure that's why my back has felt so tired as I'm not tensing or anything.

Found these at www.titlenine.com. Will order and report back. Just the fact they categorize them by barbells gives me hope. These puppies need to strapped down. Too graphic? Sorry. That's just how it is.

Week 2 going swimmingly. Who wants to run the 5k with me??? (sorry fellows - ladies only)



  1. LOL Sarah I know exactly what you mean about the puppies. My sports bra does nothing.

  2. I'll run. When and where? Moving comfort has good bras too. Just seems to be what you like better

  3. I watched some show a while back where they talked about sports bras, especially for ladies who are "developed" like us haha! Some people layer two bras, and they said that wasn't the worst thing you could do, but they recommended that we try to find one with underwire.

    Also, you've inspired me to try (and hopefully stick with) Couch to 5K. This interval thing seems to be where it's at. I start next week!