Saturday, December 18, 2010

A 10k before breakfast.

Oh, you read that right. Regan and I had our longest run ever - 6.2 miles. We started out committed to 5, but willing to try for more. We passed Jean, one of the volunteers from our running group, and we made the decision right then and there - we had to do 6.

And do it, we did! It was pretty cold out, but we took our time, took extra walk time when we needed it (which, truly, we didn't need a lot, but it was nice to take an extra thirty seconds or so every so often.)

I figure our time was still pretty good - around 8o-81 minutes by my watch. I'll be interested to see the breakdown from Regan's Garmin, but if I'm right, our average was right at a 13 minute mile.

It did take me a long time to warm up when I got home - a shower helped, but I was still pretty chilled when I got in. The air was very damp - I think it just lingered. Also, we need to go ahead and get hydration belts. We were pretty thirsty when we got to our cars. Time to bite the bullet on that one.

We are making so much progress it's scary! Earned 16 activity points on the WW - going to spend them eating out at lunch and on a beer at the hockey game tonight. Rock!

Cat update: Her health is deteriorating every day. It is a major, major bummer. Since running is a mood enhancer, I shutter to think what a blubbering mess I'd be if I didn't get the miles in this morning. Ultra-supportive husband has been a champ (as always). Also nice to have great friends who understand that O'Malley is really part of our family.

*sigh* We talk to the vet on Monday. I told Regan to be prepared for 2-3 weepy miles that night.



  1. Hey - don't cut yourself short, that's 6.2 not 6. Great job!

  2. Excellent!
    Sorry about your kitty :(

  3. Sarah, I just tagged you in my blog