Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm baaack!

Hi! Long time, no type. Obv., Christmas excelled in the Awesome department. I got running gear. Also, a sewing machine. And I lost 3 lbs. So. Woot to that!

I haven't been running too much - a Christmas Day run, then we've been mostly shut in by snow. The greenways are still wicked icy, but things are looking up. I did hit the gym for an indoor triathalon (25 min. each of eliptical, bike, and treadmill - not a bad way to mix it up, and earn a nice Kanki dinner...)

My latest running dilemma is whether to sign up for a half-marathon and if so, when, and which one. I'm being a total weenie about this. I'm not sure why. 13 seems waaaay intimidating right now, even though we're running 5.5 - 6 pretty regularly. I know it's not a far off goal, but I just can't bring myself to register! I look online at the map. I brood over the time. I debate over the hill and temperature possibilities.

Maybe I'm just a 5k, 10k kinda girl. I am definitely going to do the half next february with Regan, and the one here in Raleigh in November, but do I need to do one this spring? Running folks who have been here before, what do you think? Ideas? Advice? Should I just bite the bullet and register? Wait a little while and see how the training goes? Not worry so much about the race and just get the miles in?

Blurg. I am conflicted!

Hope you all had a fab Christmas season and have delightful new years plans. We are walking to our neighborhood bowling alley with all of our friends and drinking many pitchers of cheap beer. Then everyone is coming to our house to crash. I'm super-pumped.

More on 2011 goals next time... I'm still thinking them through.



  1. Sign up. You will not be disappointed with it. Doing a half gives you a great sense of accomplishment and I think separates it from a 5 or 10k which many people can just run without training. The half you have to train for it! Go for it. You can do it!

  2. I think you should give the half a try. I would think about what type of weather you run best in and try to pick the half that falls most closely to that. I do so much better in cooler weather so I try to schedule my halfs for Nov/Dec timing. Some people excel in hot weather so that plan wouldn't work for them! You could also start the training plan and then sign up for the race once you are closer to it and feeling more confident. Good luck!