Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Running for stress relief

One of the biggest things that running has done for me is to help me manage my stress. Before, when I was anxious about something, I ate. And ate.

Now, I run.

Great example: Yesterday we had to give my cat an enema. If you want stress, do that. Actually, she did great, it was more the lead up and aftermath that was stressful. O'Malley has Chronic Renal Failure (she's only 6, so she's pretty young for this fatal condition), so she is really dehydrated all of the time - hense the uh, treatment. She's been in a major funk ever since, making me worry that her overall health is starting to decline. So, stress. And very little sleep. And a lot of worrying.

So, this morning, instead of making myself a healthy stack of Candy Cane Joe Joes, I got my butt over to the gym during my lunch hour. I work at home on Wednesdays, so I've got some flexibilty. And you know what? I feel a lot better. Something about sweating out all of the bad stuff and getting that blood flowing. Plus the endorphins.

I came home to O'Malley sleeping peacefully in her favorite chair. Here's hoping she's back to her old, cranky, snuggly self tomorrow.



  1. A much better outlet that eating, huh?

  2. Awwww, what a cute kittie!! Hope she's feeling good, and cranky, soon!! )

    Checking to see if you send and/or received your blog gift exchange gift??!!

    Have a great weekend!