Friday, December 31, 2010

Here's to 2010 - pretty awesome year.

2010 is going to go down in history as a pretty awesome year.

First, and most importantly, I married my best friend in 2010. The wedding was perfect. We are blissfully happy. So that definitely wins "best of" 2010.

Some other notable things:
  • Obviously, running. Half-way through 2010 I started running, and I never stopped. Ran 4 races that I never would have even considered doing until this year.

  • Spent a weekend in Toogoodoo with my most favorite girls for my bachelorette party. *sigh* such a great place.

  • Honeymoon in Savannah - obv. perfect.

  • Conquered a lot of my emotional eating issues thanks to a good therapist and ultra-supportive husband. She has moved to Florida, but I'm all good. There's a half-empty box of joe joes that has been there for 2 weeks untouched. So much awesome.

  • Tried to sell the house and buy a new one - total and utter failure, but we learned a lot. And then bought a couch. (upon which I lounge right now)

  • Found out O'Malley was sick in March, and had to put her to sleep Dec. 20. The good news is that we got a lot of snuggle time in between.

  • Met some fabulous new friends and reconnected with some old ones due to running.

  • Succeeded at work - doing quite well in the fundraising world, and really starting to enjoy it.

  • Did I mentioned I get to spend my whole life with my best friend?
Overall, it was a fabulous year. And, until the cat fiasco, nearly perfect.

So in 2011, I want to set some goals. Not resolutions, not pledges, just something to shoot for.
  1. I want to "move" every day. Preferably, 30 minutes. I'll still be doing my running, so that leaves 3-4 days where I need to walk, or bike, or do yoga, or do Wii fit, or something.

  2. Run a half-marathon. Yup. I'm convinced. I'm shooting for one on May 14th.

  3. Run a race every month.

  4. Stay on the WW.

  5. Compete in a sprint triathalon.

  6. Travel! To Utah to see my family (I will run at altitude!) and to New York because Preston has never been.
  7. Shoot for a sub-30 5k. This is a lofty goal, but I think it's possible.
  8. Volunteer for the Women's Beginner Running Club that meant so much to me.

That's all I can think of. 2010 is going to be hard to top. Happy New Year! Hope everyone has a safe and fun evening!



  1. What a great year you had, other than your kitty :( Sounds like you've got some good ambitions for 2011. Good for you for going for the 1/2. I don't feel like I'm quite there yet, unless there's one later in the year....

  2. WHAAAAAAAAAAT? Your family is in Utah?! Where?!
    2010 pretty much ruled for you, lady!
    Oh, and foot stuff you sent me rules!