Monday, December 13, 2010

Weight Watchers

I joined the online Weight Watchers today. I have mixed feelings, but Regan shared with me their new stuff, and it's a little less, well, scary, than it was before. Part of the reason I want to drop a few pounds is that I think it will make running easier. For the first time in my life it's not to look better, but it's to run better. Hysterical. Who is this girl?

I did WW in college my senior year. I lost like 30 pounds and I was a size 8. Seriously. But I was hungry ALL the time, ate lots of processed "cheater" food (companies added tons of fiber and it balanced their "points" formula - new system doesn't work that way) and when we went on a graduation cruise, it was all back. They mean it when they say you have to stick with it.

I spent this morning going over our regular favorite recipies. Good news - nothing we can't continue eating on WW. (woot!) We need to be more aware of portion sizes, and I need to stop munching between meals. But mostly, it shouldn't be a huge change.

Also, a 4 mile run gets us back about 12 points. That is: 4 glasses of wine, 6 Peppermint Joe Joes, or Chick Fil A sandwich. Ok, that is so not how you're supposed to look at it, but still! It's nice to know that if I keep doing the running I'm doing I won't feel like I'm missing out on going out to eat or having a grown up beverage or the occasional yummy cookie.

You may ask, "Why in the HECK would you start this during the holidays?"

Why, dear reader, because if you can make it through the holidays on WW, you can do ANYTHING. Same concept with learning how to run in 105 degree heat. We did that - so everything else is a piece of cake.

I'm too shy to tell you my weight, but I will keep you posted on the success of the program. I'm going to be careful to eat enough to fuel my running, so don't worry.

Zombie food bonus: smaller me means less nutritive snack for zombies, thereby potentially less of a target.



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  1. I totally relate to wanting to lose a few to be a better runner. I need to lose at least 20 and I keep thinking when I'm running how much faster I might be without lugging that extra 20 around. And how much more comfortable I'd be. It's coming off slowly.