Monday, December 6, 2010

Reflections on running in place

It's been a while since we saw low temps in the Old North State. Usually it gets chilly around Novmber, but this year, we've had nice, 60 and 70 degree temps.

Until this weekend.

We had an inch of snow on Saturday. Sunday and today - 35 and windy.

I'm OK with running in 50 degrees. 40? Fine. Really, even 30. But, 30 and windy? Nope. Sorry. I just don't think I have the proper clothing yet. (it's expensive - I've been holding out 'til Christmas)

So, today, I rejoined the gym. Just Planet Fitness. Nothing fancy. $10/month. Can't beat that.

At least I'll have a "dreadmill" option. Some pros and cons about the treadmill...

Pro - something to do when it's really cold, dark, windy, snowy, etc.


  1. 25 with a wind chill around 0 for my run this morning. You are right - get clothes that are for that weather and it doesn't matter what it's like out. I have a treadmill but would rather be outside even in that cold.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    So glad to meet you! I rec'd your name for the holiday gift swap on Jill's blog. Yay! I was REALLY hoping I'd get a fellow 'newbie' with a similar pace. :) I haven't read her 'swap rules' yet, but wanted to 'meet' my buddy. Looking forward to getting to know you! And.... Love your Woodstock blog, too. Was reading your profile and previous posts.

    I'm a big fan of The Penguin, too, and average a turtle's pace @ 12:30 - 13:30 miles. My mom's fam is from NC...spent lots of time as a little girl.

    Anyway.....snow?!? Options are good, and 'dreadmills' can make the diff between running and NOT, right?! :)

    *hugs* from Orlando!
    Robin aka Turtle Runner

  3. Hi Robin and Detroit! Nice to "meet" you!