Monday, January 16, 2012

2 weeks in... how're those goals coming?

OK, I know it's a little early for a report, but I'm doing well, so I thought I'd share!

Eating goals:

  • 2-week sugar/"white stuff" detox.  I did pretty well.  I did have a chobani that had sugar in it, and I had a couple of hershey kisses truffles left over from Christmas.  But, for someone who was eating dessert after every meal for a while there, I felt really good about the accomplishment.
  • I haven't cooked anything new, but we did eat at home all last week.  I actually think I was waaay under calories.  I'm trying to eat a larger breakfast.
 Fitness goals:
  • This weekend I actually met my 5k PR goal!  33 minutes almost dead on (race results say 33:33, but I'm going by my watch since I started it as I crossed the line).  It was a flat, cool, race and I really pushed myself.  ROCK! 
 Family/personal goals:
  • I visited my grandmother last week.  We had a nice chat during my lunch break.   
  • I'm not doing well reducing screen time.  I'll keep trying!  Motivation to read more!  (PS, I get what all the Hunger Games hype is about.  The story is clever and new, (but dark), it is well written, and the heroine is definitely someone I can rally behind - unlike that whiny Bella Swan. (Sorry, Twilight fans, I know you say the books are better, but the one movie I've seen just left a really sour taste!)

Today I'm watching hoarders and cleaning the house.  If you are ever lacking motivation to clean, watch hoarders.  Works like a charm.  I'm taking a huge load of stuff to Goodwill!


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