Thursday, January 26, 2012

A problem with Pinterest.

I LOVE Pinterest.  A lot.  I can spend hours and hours on there.

And, bonus, I actually do some of the stuff!  I've tried recipes, DIY crafts, and put together new outfits.  Plus I've got loads of daydreams for the house saved on there along with tips on cleaning and cooking - everything.

But I have a major problem with it.

The fitness section.  There are WAY too many pictures of stick thin women captioned "my inspiration."  There are "diet tips" on there that are a lot more like, "learn how to be anorexic!" tips.

Preston: "Somebody give that bitch a cookie."
This one just makes me angry.

Really?  Is this what we need to be projecting to each other?  That this overwhelmingly thin woman is what we think of as "fitness?"

Look, I'm ranting, and I know it.  But just when I think women are starting to "get it" with self esteem we post endless images like these.

How do you like this one?

Yes.  That's exactly what we should be going for.  What an outstanding goal.  Way to go ladies.

Now.  In stark contrast, this I like.   It projects hard work, and fitness.  It's a proud, and confident woman who isn't worried about being "skinny."  She wants to be healthy.