Sunday, January 8, 2012

I feel great!

I, Sarah Mann Willcox, Lover of all things sweet, have made it through one full week with no sugar. 

Or alcohol.  Or "white" stuff. (bread, potatoes, rice).

Can I get a "boo ya!"?

It has been a lot easier than I thought it would be.  It's like a game.  Not going to do this forever, but it feels good to know that I can have some pretty serious will power when I need to.

Also, I've lost 2 pounds.  So, there's that.

As for the half-marathon training, it is going swimmingly!  Probably could have made it to the gym a couple of more times last week, but our 6-miler on Saturday was bangin.  We smoked it and felt great.  I remember the days when just 2 miles would send me home exhausted for a day on the couch.  Not so anymore!  We went thrifting and picked up some awesome stuff from Miss Ashley's store in Durham.  Love.

Today, spin class.  Next weekend, Shrimp & Grits 5k in Charleston. 

2012 is off to a fabulous start!


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