Friday, January 20, 2012

Hooray for do-overs!

Today was a lot better!  I almost over slept - but I woke up in the nick of time and triumphed at the gym!  30  minutes weight circuit (I even did LUNGES but stopped short of dips... which I hate.) then I hit up the 'ol elliptical for 30 minutes. Got nice and sweaty.

Then I wore my sports bra into the shower.  For reals.  And was about halfway through washing my hair before I realized what I'd done. 


At least it's clean.

Anywhoo - Twitter Road Race is tomorrow - must find motivation to run 3.1 in the rain...  Have you signed up yet?  If not, do it here.  Don't forget to tweet about it! #TwitterRoadRace

Then, I'm going to try a class at the Y - either yoga or pilates.  We'll see how that goes!  Half Marathon training takes us to 7 for the long run. Hopefully the weather will make a turn for the better on Sunday.

Happy weekend, all!

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