Monday, January 9, 2012

Twitter Road Race!

Yo!  Tweeps out there - January 21st is the first #TwitterRoadRace.  Details here.  You in?

I love virtual races.  They make me feel connected to people all over the country.  I'm a big fan of the ones put on by The Boring Runner, and have sweated and frozen my thorns off a couple of times.  I like "real" races, but there is something freeing about trying for a "race PR" even when it's virtual.

If I'm feeling froggy, maybe I'll host one in the Spring.

January 21st - you in?  I'll be tweeting from @smannwillcox.  Rock.



  1. I love this idea but it's ARB's birthday!!!!!

  2. oh wait - I get it - I don't actually have to MEET up with you? But that was going to be so fun!! I can find time for 3 miles sometime during the day no problem! HOW AWESOME!