Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gear I can't live without

I had a good chat with my dental hygienist yesterday.  She wants to start running, and I want to help her learn!  During our conversation, it came up that while everyone says, "Running is cheap -you just need a pair of shoes!" that's a lot of hooey.

So, I thought I'd tell you about some of my favorite running gear!

Timex watch.  I rarely take it off. Sure it's a little clunky, but I love it.  It serves as my alarm clock most days (it has the option for 3 different ones, and you can set them by individual days) my interval tracker, lap timer, and general badge of cool.  Arguments for the fancy Garmin watches can definitely be made, but I'm attached to this.  It's super-easy to use and change on the go.

Amphipod belt.  It's adjustable, and easy.  I love the wide band.  I wear it pretty high up since my waist is high.  It has a pouch that is perfect for my phone, and I can comfortably carry 3 water bottles.

Road ID.  This is just for safety. I have a medicine allergy, and you never know what might happen.  I don't always run with my phone or ID, so this is a good back up.

SmartWool PhD socks.  All other socks are inferior.  They are perfect in all weather.  Do yourself a favor and buy some.

So, resolution runners - get shopping!


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  1. That is SO true -- first of all, a decent pair of running shoes is NOT cheap. My $100 running shoes are 3 times the cost of the average pair of the rest of my shoes. Then the gear. It can be pricey. But so is therapy and I would rather run. :-)