Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Strategic Plan

Or, when a grantwriter tries to make resolutions.

In my job, I spend a lot of time looking at the impact of activities, so everything we do has to be written in a way that it can be measured and proven at various times.  So the idea of a vague, generic "resolution" makes my skin crawl.  What does "I resolve to exercise more!" even mean?

So, I introduce my strategic plan for 2012 - complete with benchmarks and measurable goals and objectives.

Eating goals:
  • 2-week sugar/"white stuff" detox.  I'm 5 days in and feel great.  This is not sustainable for me, but I've done it before and it does help to kick sugar cravings.  It's modified South Beach phase 1.
  • Keep on keepin on.  I've developed good habits.  Stick with them.
  • Learn to cook one new food per month.  Report back.
Fitness goals:
  • Run 1 race/month.
  • Run a 33 minute 5k.  You'll see that this is a bit higher than my earlier 30 minute 5k - gotta start somewhere!  My race PR is 36 minutes.
  • PR a half-marathon.  First attempt in March!  
  • Do 20 "real" pushups.  In a row.  Without wanting to die.
  • Try 3 new classes at the gym. 
  • Ride bikes/walk with my husband more!  Ok, this is vague.  But with tax season coming up, his time is pretty limited, so I don't want to get frustrated by putting an unrealistic goal here.  We'll go for 1/month average but hope for more! 
 Family/personal goals:
  • Visit my grandmother once/month.  She's 92.  I only saw her a few times in 2011.  She lives 5 miles away.  I can do better.
  • Visit my godmother before May.  She's 87 and is convinced she'll die when she's 88.  Which is in May.  So.  Just in case.  Gotta get that one in there.  Cause she's adorable.
  • Save $2000 to my Roth IRA.  I put a lot in my 401k, so I don't stress about my Roth, but saving for retirement is important!  That's $167/month.  Roughly 2 trips to Target.  
  • Reduce "screen time."  If there is "nothing on," turn it off.  No need to watch that John Stamos episode of SVU.  Again.
  • Learn to cable knit.  Make, well, something.
  • Learn bluegrass fiddle! First lesson last night... a big difference from my Irish and classical background!  I want to be able to improvise with a group.  LONG way to go.

So.  There you have it.  I have a lot of things lined up for 2012!

 Dear readers, what are your measurable goals and objectives for the year?



      1. I like the way you present this - and I like that you did more than just running! I seem to fixate... need to find some other interesting goals and measures too! I'll race with ya any month - lemme know! :) I was thinking last night on my run that doing one 13 milel run per month (not a formal race or anything...) might be a fun goal.

      2. Oh Sarah I bet we can PR this weekend. Totally. Also push ups? Totally doable. Try the 100 push up app on iPhone. It's free. You will be amazed how well you can do. Also practice with full planks.

        Great goals!!